Village Couple Selfies Before Having Sex

village couple wearing undergarments.jpg

Here is a village couple taking selfies together before having sex. The wife was waiting for her husband to come home. She has put make-up and was looking beautiful. She wanted to seduce him.

When her husband returned to the home he got surprised by his wife’s behaviour. Because on the past occasions she used to lay down with her legs spread apart. Then he would fuck her without any foreplay.

But that day she was seducing him. He turned out to be very happy with his wife’s changed behaviour. She has her saree down under her chest exposing her blouse.

He takes some selfies with her. She removes her blouse. She was wearing a pink bra underneath. Her mangalsutra was hanging down in between her cleavage. She was looking erotic.

Her husband removes his clothes and gets laid down along with her. He continues taking selfies with her. She too cooperates with him letting him capture her going naked.

Then he undrapes her saree making her half-naked. He slips her panties down and started rubbing his cock against her pussy.

She grabs his back and begins kissing him. As he enters into her pussy she scratches his back. He continues giving strokes in her pussy.

Both the village couple enjoys fucking and finally cums together.

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