10 Unexpected Benefits of Breaking Up


Broken relationships or their absence drives us depressed and makes us look for isolation. For some reason, young people worry because they don’t have soulmates. They consider themselves unhappy and lonely. But this is stupid. Why do we consider the absence of a relationship as loneliness and not freedom? You’re free, my friend! It’s time to change your worldview and enjoy life! We found 10 reasons to consider the absence of a girlfriend not as loneliness but freedom.

  1.      Money

When you are alone, you can decide for yourself what to spend your extra money on. Isn’t it one of the best benefits of breaking up? Most women try to spend all your money on themselves. Now you don’t have to buy clothes, jewelry, phone, car or a fur coat for your girlfriend. You can spend all your free money on yourself. You can quickly save up for a car, a new phone, a camera, a stereo or a motorcycle. And the most wonderful thing is that no one says that you don’t earn enough.

  1.      Communication with friends

You can communicate with anyone you want and how much you want. Your friends are not criticized and no one is trying to drive a wedge between you. You also will not have to communicate with her friends and relatives (that often is so tedious). Communicate only with those who are close to you and need you!

  1.      Nutrition

Women like to impose their culinary preferences. But when you are alone, everything is different. You can eat anything, anytime, anywhere. This is freedom!

  1.      Time

Only you decide how to spend your free time. You can go to motor racing, concerts, fights, bars, and other places. You can’t do your favorite activities with a woman. She will have her own desires and plans for your time. You will have to do it and go where you don’t want to.

  1.      Vacation

You don’t have to compromise on vacation. Forget about boring beach vacation or tedious shopping. You can climb mountains, dive or go kayaking. This is freedom. A spending time with a girl, she may grumble that she is tired, wants to go shopping, it’s too late or it’s time to sleep.

  1.      Hobby

Do you enjoy music, photography, fishing or sports? When you have a girlfriend, she will be against it. You should spend free time and money on her, not on your favorite hobby. Yes, you are a selfish scoundrel!

  1.      Girlfriends  

Are you friends with several girls? You may not even have sex with them – you are just friends. It doesn’t matter. Your woman forced them to leave your life. And now you can say goodbye to her and communicate with girls dear to you.

  1.      Problems

Girlfriends don’t reduce the number of problems but increase. You will have to solve not only your problems but her as well. And now you don’t have to do this because you are free.  

  1.      Moral peace of mind

When weighing pros and cons of breaking up, one more benefit of breaking up is obvious. No one takes out your brain and doesn’t play on nerves. Any girl who attempts to do this is sent in a certain direction. You are free!

  1.  Other girls

The biggest plus of a breakup is the presence of other girls in your life. You can pick up absolutely any chick, invite to your home, and have sex with her. Tomorrow it can be one or even two girls. You can have sex with anyone and in any numbers (and do it with a clear conscience). Any girl can be your mistress, friend, or girlfriend. You can pick up a girl every day. It is awesome to choose from millions of beautiful and sexy girls!

Do you still think that you are lonely? Thinking about all the pros and cons of breaking up with a girlfriend, you will remember this carefree time as something good. Remember that you’re not alone! You are free! Enjoy this moment and appreciate it. You’re truly free!Go and date now!


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